Rockin Rich

Armed with 3 pots of coffee and Northwest PA’s biggest classic rock library, Rockin Rich starts your weekday mornings with The Rocky Morning Show from 6 till 10 am.  You’ll also get the news, sports, weather – and a few laughs you need to know to get your day going.  Born and raised in Pittsburgh, He is not shy at professing his loyalty to all things Black and gold.  Rich began his 45+ year broadcasting career in Clarion, PA, and has worked in Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Indianapolis…and has been rocking Northwest PA since 2004.  Rich has been a vinyl record collector all of his life and saw most of the greatest rock bands of all time perform live in their heyday.  Even Zeppelin!  He is a passionate supporter of our nation’s military and veterans – and is proud to host Voices For Vets on weekday mornings at 8:30.  When Rich isn’t in the Rocky studio, he is most likely in his martial arts studio…where he holds a 5th-degree black belt Master rank in the Korean arts of Taekwondo and Hapkido.  Rockin Rich kicks ass both on AND off the mic!